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Photo by Mauricio Molizane


Marc Ellerby is a comics illustrator living in Essex, UK and is best known as being one of the lead artists on the Rick and Morty comic books from Oni Press/adult swim. He has also worked on comics for licensed properties such as Dungeons and Dragons, Doctor Who, Regular Show, The Beano and The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the creator of the autobiographical diary comic Ellerbisms as well as the YA fantasy comedy series Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter.

He likes dogs, Simpsons quotes and snacks. But then, honestly, I mean honestly, who doesn’t?





Put the Book on the Shelf: A Belle and Sebastian Anthology (9781582406008)

Love The Way You Love Volume 1 (9781932664669)

Love The Way You Love Volume 2 (9781932664959)

CBGB OMFUG Volume 1 (9781608860241)

This is a Souvenir: The Songs Of Spearmint & Shirley Lee (9781607060482)

Solipsistic Pop Volume 2

Solipsistic Pop Volume 3

Solipsistic Pop Volume 4

Ellerbisms: A Sporadic Diary Comic (9780957431805)

Rick and Morty Volume 1 (9781620102817)

Rick and Morty Volume 2 (9781620103197)

Rick and Morty Volume 3 (9781620103432)

Rick and Morty Volume 4 (9781620103777)

Rick and Morty Volume 5 (9781620104163)

Rick and Morty Volume 6 (9781620104521)

Rick and Morty Volume 7 (9781620105092)

Rick and Morty Volume 8 (9781620105498)

Rick and Morty Volume 9 (9781620106419)

Rick and Morty Volume 10 (9781620106853)

Rick and Morty Volume 11

Rick and Morty Volume 12

Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It (9781620104743)

Rick and Morty: Poopy Little Superstar (9781620103746)

Goldie Locked! (Once Upon Another Time) (9781784645267)

Teacher Creatures (9781445157184)


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