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Autobiographical Comics


I’ve (mostly) enjoyed working in autobiographical comics over the years and here are some of my favourite strips as well as information about my book Ellerbisms.


Hourly Comics


Hourly Comics is an event held on annually on the 1st of Feb where you draw a comic for each hour that you’re awake. So by 9am you would have had to have drawn a comic about that last hour and so on. It’s fun! In theory! Try it yourself and check the #hourlycomicday hashtag on Social Media.


Hourly Comic Day 2010

Hourly Comic Day 2012

Hourly Comic Day 2014

Hourly Comic Day 2017


Ellerbisms: A Sporadic Diary Comic


From 2007-2011 I kept a diary comic as a self initiated project to work on comics everyday. Originally I drew the strips in a Moleskine Notebook and published them online (on Livejournal! That’s how old this comic is!) Over time a narrative about a relationship I was in at the time unfolded and in 2012 I decided to collect the strips into a book and self published it.

Ellerbisms is the story of a relationship told in pictures through the autobiographical comics of Marc Ellerby. Ellerbisms catches a glimpse into the life of a young couple, their highs and lows, their sighs and LOLs. Originally serialised online, the print edition collects more than 200 strips from the cult web-comic plus an additional 30 pages of brand new material exclusive to this edition, including a new prologue and epilogue. Told in “page a day” style, Ellerby chooses his moments carefully, building his own narrative about chasing one’s artistic dreams while also chasing romance, and finding triumph and heartbreak alike in both.

268 pages. 152mm x 229mm. Black and white interiors, full colour cover.

Physical copies of Ellerbisms are now out of print but you can purchase an eBook version via comiXology or Gumroad.


You can read 70 pages of Ellerbisms for free by clicking here.